Rainy Nights™ - The Cloud
Rainy Nights™ - The Cloud
Rainy Nights™ - The Cloud
Rainy Nights™ - The Cloud
Rainy Nights™ - The Cloud
Rainy Nights™ - The Cloud
Rainy Nights™ - The Cloud
Rainy Nights™ - The Cloud
Rainy Nights™ - The Cloud
Rainy Nights™ - The Cloud

Rainy Nights™ - The Cloud

Fall asleep to the sound of the raindrops, whenever and wherever you want!


Humidifier and Diffuser

With a 300 mL water tank capacity, you get all the benefits of a normal humidifier, with more! This along with diffusing capabilities gives you the extra option of adding essential oils, completing the entire experience to your exact desires, whatever that may be! 


As the water is lifted in The Cloud then dropped back down, the sound of natural rain is simulated, which we all seem to know and love! This paired with the ability to adjust both the level of the rain and the mist leaves an extraordinary experience, whatever the situation may be. 



With 7 different light modes and multiple dimming options, The Cloud can only enhance the environment it is placed in, no matter the setting! 


On top of delivering all these features, The Cloud also comes with a built in timer! With a click of a button, you can sleep easy knowing The Cloud will be sleeping shortly after.


Miss the Rain?

Bring the rain to you! 

Whether you're reading a book or getting some work done, sometimes the sound of the raindrops is all you need to complete the vibe. Usually you have to wait days until you can hear the rain. but now you can make it rain on your terms! 

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Having trouble Sleeping? 

Let's fix that! 

Whether young or old, everyone has fond memories of falling asleep to the rain. Maybe the one thing you have been missing has been right in front of your face the entire time.  


Bland room? 

Not for long! 

With the addition of The Cloud, no room will ever be the same! Whether it;s the lights, the rain, or the mist, The Cloud becomes the point of attention wherever it is placed.


Simple as 1-2-3! 

1. Open the lid and fill with water
2. Add your preferred essential oil or perfume
3. Plug in, and enjoy your new room! 

  • Use time of 12-16 hours on a full tank
  • Multiple modes of rain strength
  • Multiple modes of brightness
  • Multiple modes of timer
  • Mutiple colors to choose from

Rainy Nights™ - The Cloud Functions

What we offer that others don't! 

As you can see here, there are many features we offer that our competitors simply can not! While some features make your life easier, like the longer run time and durable outer shell, other features can save your life, like the auto - off feature once the water is done to prevent burn - outs and shortages! 

And we do all this while still at a lower price point then our competitors, leaving it clear who the correct choice is; The Cloud! 

Why choose us!

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Worldwide Shipping

We ship anywhere in the world, completely free! And as a bonus, shipping times only take 7-10 business days ! 

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Money Back Guarantee

You have a full 30 days to request a refund once your package arrives, no questions asked! 

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Support 24/7

Contact us for anything questions you may have, or help that you may need and receive nothing but the best customer service!